CCL-EAR Review Nomenclature

Below is a listing of the types of reviews conducted by the CCL-EAR committee which were adopted at the October 5/6/06 meeting in Burbank.

  • Preview [a.k.a. Look/See] (1-2 committee members)
    Initial look at products, within CCL-EAR purview, to determine whether to proceed with review or comprehensive review.
  • Product Statements (1-2 committee members)
    Statements regarding products not reviewed and/or offered by the consortium (i.e., ArtSTOR)
  • Review (1-2 committee members)
    1-2 pages in length for products not needing a comprehensive review
  • Comprehensive Review (3+ committee members)
    A comprehensive review of the product using the CCL-EAR review template including a defined list of questions submitted to the vendor for response.
  • Updates (1-2 committee members)
    For products that have been previously reviewed by the CCL-EAR committee and have not substantially changed since that review. An update is typically a few paragraphs explaining any minor changes/updates to the product.
  • Content Comparison Review (3+ committee members)
    A comparison of the content included in several databases within a subject area, i.e. newspapers, literature, health. This is not a comprehensive review of the databases being compared; only an initial analysis of the content provided.