Streaming Video Comparison

Comparative Review by CCL-EAR Committee

During Spring 2017, members of the CCL-EAR Committee wrote a comparative review of seven streaming video products, most of which are offered through the CCLC library consortium. The following seven products are analyzed:

Alexander Street Press Academic Video Online
Ambrose Digital
Films on Demand Master Academic Package
INTELECOM Academic Collection
NBC Learn – Higher Ed
Swank Digital Campus

Please click on each linked resource above to read the review of that resource.

Download the full-text of our comparative evaluation for more detail.

If you have any experience with these products, please leave a comment and rate its appropriateness for use in a community college environment.

Streaming Video Comparison3.041

2 Responses to “Streaming Video Comparison”

  1. Meghan Cason's rating and/or comments:

    My institution has used Kanopy for about a year, and we’ve been very happy with the product. Two of the bigger criticisms offered for this resource are 1) less closed captioned content & 2) lack of Canvas LTI integration. You should note that Kanopy offers captioning on-demand (there is a button to request captioning), and having utilized this feature, I can attest it works (we experienced 48 hour tunraround time for captioning). Also, though there is not LTI integration, Kanopy was able to set up a custom Canvas referral URL. Users coming from our institution’s Canvas are not required to authenticate. kanopy will also attempt to acquire content based on user requests. We’ve had a 50% success rate with this.

  2. Stephanie Rosenblatt's rating and/or comments:

    I agree with Meghan’s comments about Kanopy’s quick turnaround for caption requests — or even to “fix” captioning that seems wonky, and their dogged work in figuring out tricky authentification issues.

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