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NBC Learn is the online video archive for NBC news programming. Currently, the database includes over 11,000 closed-captioned videos which can be embedded in course management systems, shared via social media or e-mail, or downloaded for offline viewing.

The NBC Learn database is a straightforward, easy to use, attractive database. The subjects covered are likely to be of interest to multiple disciplines, and the database includes features useful for both students and instructors. Libraries looking to add accessible streaming media content to their database offerings will likely want to review this database.

Download the full text of our preview evaluation for more details.

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  1. Tami's rating and/or comments:

    NBC seems to be marketing or promoting this through instructional/academic technology departments on campuses (as an instructional aid for faculty), but we recently subscribed after a long trial, and our experience shows its value to be more of an information resource for student assignments. Students use this as a visual/multimedia counterpart to historical print news sources such as the NYT. Our librarians find it to be as well-constructed online resource as well.

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