The African American Experience

Preview by the CCL-EAR Committee

Greenwood Press logoThe African American Experience from Greenwood Press/ABC-CLIO offers searchers online access to over 340 reference titles for the publisher’s print publications, monographs, primary source and other unique materials (including historical legal documents, slave narratives, and Negro University Press imprints). There are hundreds of images and maps and a recently added time-line feature. A People Finder makes it easy to look for biographical content.

The database includes documents dating from the 1700’s to present, and pulls together a fairly comprehensive reference and basic research collection covering topics in African American history, culture, and scholarship in an easy-to-search and navigate format. It is appropriate in scope and academic level for community college students exploring beginning research techniques. For a full title list see

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3 Responses to “The African American Experience”

  1. Tami Weintraub's rating and/or comments:

    Love the review. Great job!

  2. Norman Buchwald's rating and/or comments:

    This is a commentary not only on the African American Experience, but all of the databases that Greenwood Publishing once provided and are now owned by ABC-CLIO publishing. For whatever reason, ABC-CLIO chose to change the very nature of these database products and strip them of the complete full-text E-Books, which includes, but are not limited to the African American Experience, the Latino American Experience, the American Indian Experience, and Pop Culture Universe.

    Future offers of the above products will not have the full E-books, and if a new customer wants to get them, they’d have to get a separate E-books collections, at a separate price, if available, which would no longer have the browsing database features that were well known from the former product.

    Finally, ABC-CLIO did do a full interface change as well to African American Experience as well as to the rest, so eventually a product update for ALL of the former Greenwood Electronic Media products is warranted.

  3. Shelley's rating and/or comments:

    I agree that the reviewers should consider editing or revising the content of the review in light of the recent changes to the database — in terms of both content and search features.

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