To request records:

Connect to:

1.      Login with your OCLC authorization and password
2.      Update the contact information and select your delivery option (I find Product Services Web to work well)
3.      Click on the “Select Sets” link
4.      Click on the “Apply” button on the bottom left of the screen
5.      Click on the letter “N” on the bottom left of the screen
6.      Scroll down all the different netLibrary sets until you get to the “Netlibrary – Community College League of California 10”.
7.     Check in the box to the left of this collection
8.     at bottom of screen, check on ‘add to order’
9.     click on ‘customize sets’ at left menu
10.   make choices about holdings and the wording for the electronic location access
11.  click on update at bottom of screen
12.  click on ‘submit order’ at left menu – make a note of the number/name assigned to your request

In a few days, you will receive an email that your records are ready. Do the following:

To retrieve MARC records through PSWeb:
 1.  Connect to
 2.  Click on "Records and Reports".
 3.  Click on "OCLC World Cat Collection Sets".
 4.  Enter your OCLC authorization and password. Your authorization and password is the same OCLC authorization and password you used above
 5.  Click OK
 6.  Select the desired file to download.
 7.  Perform a Save As, as per your browser's Help instructions.
8.  Make sure you pull the file name that was assigned in step 12 above. This file will be specific to the information you requested be added to the records.